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How do VoIP call works

VoIP calls are on the way to make things very smooth in the world of international communication. In the era of the 21st century, where everything is evolving at a rapid rate, communication is not left behind. Technological advancements in the field of communication have totally changed the way how we connect to our loved ones around the world.

Gone are the old days when calling was limited to a handful of features. Today is the age of VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol. With the revolution in VoIP, calling is now more secure, cheap and faster. So the questions that often arise in an individual’s mind is what voice over internet protocol is and how it really works. I am sure that by the end of this article, your every query about VoIP is sorted out. Let’s start.

What is VoIP?

This is the first question that is often asked by people of all ages. VoIP or voice over internet protocol is a rapidly developing technology that helps us to make a call with the use of internet connection.

A VoIP call uses a series of software and hardware infrastructure rather than our traditional phone systems that use circuit transmission through cables and copper lines. In this technology, voice or audio signals are converted into packets of digital data which is then transmitted over the internet.

This allows you to make a call directly from your computer, phone or other devices that are connected to the internet. In simple terms, a VoIP call is also called IP telephony, internet telephony, broadband telephony or broadband phone service. In a nutshell, VoIP is the method that allows us to connect with users around the globe just by using the internet as the medium.

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How does VoIP calling works?

So that now we know what VoIP really is, it’s now time to get into the depths and understand how it actually works. In VoIP technology, the audio data is converted into packets of data called as codecs. These codecs are then transferred digitally using the internet connection. At the receiving end, the original audio signal is recovered by decoding these codecs, giving crystal clear voice quality to the user.

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Codecs are the most important part of VoIP communication, or you can say codecs are the backbone of VoIP. Codecs help to convert analog voice signals into digital form so that it can be transmitted over the internet. Many codecs work for the smooth functioning of the VoIP call system. G.711 is one of the most important codecs, which samples audio data at 64,000 times per second. In short, codecs help in processing the audio data, which is further compressed in small fragmented packages. These small packages of data are then reassembled once it reaches the receiver’s end.

Packet Switching

VoIP telephony uses packet switching technology, rather than circuit switching used in the traditional phone system. When a telephonic conversation takes place, most of the time it is dead air, which is when neither the sender nor the receiver is speaking. Packet switching eliminates this dead air transmission, thus saving file space and in turn money. In addition to this packet switching also helps to do multitasking over VoIP. Hence you can send files, photos, videos even when your call is on a roll.

Advantages of using VoIP

VoIP has several advantages over the traditional telephone system. Few of them are listed below.

  • Easy to install and configure
  • Low-cost international calling
  • No extra cables required.
  • Portability
  • Faster communication.
  • Extra features at no more costs.

The above article addresses the question of how VoIP telephone system works along with the advantages it offers over traditional phones. Switching to VoIP can help you to save money on communication services, so if you are a fan of international calling, VoIP maybe your good to go choice.

VoIP is that innovation in the field of technology which has transformed the way we communicate with our businesses and loved ones all around the world. With its abundant features such as lower costs, VoIP is rapidly becoming a standard method of communication among business and family members. 

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